Friday, November 16, 2012

How to choose tires?

Every year, 6% of fatalities on the road are caused by damaged or under-inflated tires. Many studies have shown that the tires were a crucial element in road safety. Indeed, the tires are the element of connection between the vehicle and the road surface, and therefore with a surface of contact very reduced with the soil, the quality of the tires is essential.

Be aware that if your tires are too worn, a fine of €130 is applicable under the law as well as the immobilization of the vehicle. Hence the importance of checking your tires regularly by specialists, such as Speedy for example. You can also go take a look on their website and enjoy a few Speedy reduction .

With the spring and summer coming, you will certainly go on holiday. Be careful because several factors play in your disfavor in this summer. Heat and often overloading your car wear out your tires more quickly. That or worn tire may simply explode on the highway, where Moreover 15% of all fatal accidents occur.

You will understand, check your tires regularly and change them at the right time is crucial. But then, this is the wallet that suffers. If you decide to change your tires at the same time, count €350 euros on average. This is a budget that everyone can not afford. Only ride with used tires is forbidden and dangerous on the road. What is the solution? Some stores offer interesting promotions on tires, just know where to look.

For example, you can find some Promo Code 1001 tires very interesting on their website, order online and delivered to you without even having to put out.

Or, you can take advantage of code promo Oxyo tires to still more savings, and taking advantage of the free shipping paying securely.

To sum up, drive carefully check and change your tires regularly. You can be in accordance with the legislation and roll much more quietly and calmly in the direction of your holiday!