Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Kia Soul - 2012


"Rise of the East" is the meaning of the Korean language name " Kia ", it is also the name chosen by the company in 1944 which then launched the construction of bicycles. It was only from 1952 that "Kia" begins construction license "Mazda" car. After Asia Motors acquired the firm in 1979 expanding its production under license of European cars to as "Fiat" or even "Peugeot". In 1986, firms have shareholders "Ford" and "Mazda" bought and share equally the capital of the company and consequently that they even design technology cars " Kia "will quickly become the first automaker in Korea with production in 2000 be around six hundred thousand copies ....

While the automotive industry is desperate, the Korean manufacturer brings a little levity in January by launching the new version of the " Kia Soul "which is quite exhilarating as its greatest asset is its concept. It will not be an insult to the mark to say that the Soul is probably the first Kia that we look with undisguised pleasure. Once rather bland, style Korean manufacturer seems changing and is clearly here a new dimension full of "pep" and originality. Muscular and attractive design is the work of Peter Schreyer, the father of the Audi TT and New Beetle, which two years trying to bring a little gaiety in pencil Korea. 4.10 m long, 1.78 m wide and 1.61 m high, the car has a new template, gender or Toyota Urban Cruiser Citroen C3 Picasso or monosospace or 4X4, these vehicles could be Stars of our cities for the next decade. This is actually a kind of funny to look mini space rectangular and friendly, and modularity very interesting for small families. The Kia Soul is available with two petrol engines or diesel ....

Technically, the Kia Soul is based on an entirely new platform (derived from that of Rio) will be reused for future models of the brand. Despite its compact size, everything about this small car exudes dynamism as plump wings or 18-inch wheels that fill out the wings, like the first glance. Or city, or minivan, it lies halfway and looks like a small friendly city that is easy to imagine everyday life. The interior is spacious and welcoming, especially at the rear where passengers feel comfortable. The interior can adopt four different finishes depending on the version. Sitting up, the driver dominates the city traffic and the feeling of space is real thanks to the generous wheelbase. The audio system is a central and an impressive speaker sits on top of the dashboard and two tweeters are styling side air vents. Series, the car has six airbags, ice and electric control locks, heated mirrors, a stereo AM / FM with CD player and MP3 equipped with a USB port and auxiliary jack, Bluetooth connectivity the steering wheel audio controls, heated seats and a host of other features. The Kia Soul also offers an audio rather upscale 315-watt capable of transforming the interior of the car traveling nightclub ....

The comfort of the Kia Soul is the appointment. The front buckets are wide but relatively flat and have all the settings for the backrest and cushion height, as well as the driver and front passenger will feel at ease and ready to put hundreds of miles. Beyond the finish, there are also equipment and this chapter, we find first a big speedometer in the center easy to see a clear and precise instrumentation. The tachometer is a little smaller but still very readable. Side are just indicators of engine temperature and fuel level. Controls the air conditioning and audio system are positioned on the center as well as the USB port and auxiliary jack for MP3 player. Driving, Soul shows is balanced with a precise electric power steering and stability effectively managed by an ESP. Braking is powerful and constant ABS system seems set. But the highlight high-tech is in the rear-view mirror as the screen displaying images of the reversing camera is located behind the ice. This may seem to use gadget but it is really handy and very ergonomic. By doing a reverse with the Kia Soul , we often look in the mirror and magic of the third mirror suddenly displayed a view of the rear of the vehicle ....

Kia says the two engines available in the Kia Soul are completely new. The basic version comes with a 4-cylinder 1.6-liter petrol paired only with a manual five-speed. The 122 horsepower engine will not represent more than 5% of sales and its sole purpose is the price of 15,000 euros which will serve as an argument advertising to attract customers at dealerships. The second engine is a 1.6 CRDi diesel turbocharged 128 horsepower with the possibility of an automatic transmission. Both engines respond well to the new Euro4 emission standards. Rejecting respectively 137 and 155g CO2/km therefore remain neutral for Eco-tags. This should involve diesel about 90% of sales in France Soul. Admittedly, the motor car and will not beat the record, but the 1.6 CRDi which offers a maximum torque of 260nm at 2500 rpm / min is more than enough to animate its 1270 pounds. Better, it even provides some drive-ability by being alive on the road and docile in town. An excellent compromise that extends the correct assessment of the Kia Soul which is nice to look at but also fun to drive ....

Specifications :
  • Engine: 4 CRDi
  • Capacity: 1.6 Liters
  • Power: 128 hp
  • Torque: 260 Nm at 2500 rev / min
  • Weight: 1270 Kg
  • Releases: 155g CO2/km


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